glyf printing was originally created by Skye Eng as an alternative to plastisol screen printing which tends to be thicker, heavier and less breathable. He soon discovered that this type of printing also used less water and cleaning chemicals. Instead of the typical minimum quantity of 72 prints or more of one design, you can now print just 12 per design. Keeping less stock means more freedom to experiment with designs without the worry of having overstock which leads to tied-up monies, clearance sales and lost revenue. 

Ideal companies who would benefit from our services:

  1. Companies who want a truly eco-friendly printing alternative.

  2. Companies who want a print that is vintage in look and feel. The more you wear, the softer it will feel.

  3. Companies whose designs use a lot of colors. There is no added cost for artwork with multiple colors.

  4. Companies wanting to offer really limited edition prints as low as a dozen.


Please keep in mind, our inks are water-based and semi-transparent. Printing is slightly more muted in vibrancy than plastisol inks but this enables our prints to have a very soft hand and be completely breathable. The more you wash and wear our garments the softer and better it will feel.


With our method of printing we use just a fraction of the daily amount of water compared to a typical screen printing company and because we don't use screens, very little chemicals are used when cleaning.


(glyf printing may not be for everyone. See, Touch, Feel, and Test our printing method before ordering more.)

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  1. Upload your design here. Use password: lessismorewe accept all vectored and .png files with a transparent background. Size approximately 12” x 12” at 150 ppi. 

  2. Choose a color, choose a size then click purchase button. Enter the name of your file in the pop up menu "upload artwork information".

  3. We will review your design and email you if we have any questions. 

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If a glyf print ever peels off or completely washes out, we will reprint at no charge.


We accept most 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton poly, and tri-blended fabric. Most natural fabric will work. However, we cannot guarantee how our print method works on untested garments..